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CableShade’s 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Acceptable Condition CableShade does guarantee that the Shades and accessories ordered

are new, and in new condition upon day of delivery. And, that the ordered items are as the

requested size -- as per the customer’s original intent, which is noted in the NOTES TO

RECIPIENT of the initial Invoice. This ensures that the customer does receive the fabric and

fabric color intended, the parts needed for installation; and, that all components that are

expressed in the initial CableShade Order (Invoice) are new and received in acceptable



Fabric CableShade honors the Manufacturer’s Warranty of the fabric of choice. Some fabrics

have a 10 year fabric Warranty (such as most of Sunbrella’s Marina/Shade fabrics – except for

Firesist, Alloy, Unity, Clarity, and Plus Sunbrella fabric lines which have a 5 year fabric

Warranty). CableShade customers should review the fabric-manufacturer’s posted Warranty in

addition to the CableShade workmanship and components Warranty, and make purchasing

decisions therefrom.

• Note: Depending on the fabric selected for the CableShades, fraying may or may not

occur over the years. CableShade sends a tube of LocTite fabric Sealer with each Shadeorder

with instructions for the customer to apply such over any suspect edge fraying should

such fraying (or a mishap tear) occur; this will stop further fraying. Fraying is a rare

occurrence, but even so, it is incumbent upon the customer to be vigilant in watching for

such and applying the clear-sealant. Such fraying is usually caused by the fabric rubbing

against the frame, or banters against the house-wall or header when retracted (the built-in

back-side ‘hangdown’ is a protective insurance against this. Often customers elect ‘not’ to

have the hangdown for aesthetics purposes or other reasons; under these circumstances,

this CableShade Warranty (nor the fabric-manufacturer’s Warranty) does ‘not’ cover costs

of replacement or repair. The Loctite is a simple and sure remedy if fraying should occur.

Should the fabric unravel otherwise, this, then, would be subject to all Fabric manufacturer’s

Warranty’s implied therein.


Workmanship and Fit CableShade does hereby Warranty the workmanship (fitting of

fabric, crossbars, fittings, etc.) for a period of 10 years from time of purchase—IF the initial

order was measured and installed correctly (to fit the intended space, and installed

correctly—with no impediments that might cause wear or harm to the shades). In other

words, the delivered CableShades are expected to fit per the dimensions/measurements

yielded ‘from customer’ to CableShade upon initial ordering. If the customer’s initial

measurements yielded to CableShade are incorrect, this misfortune is not expected to be

covered by this CableShade Warranty. If the installer did not follow the simple install

instructions (each order is customized specific), then CableShade’s Warranty does not




Components CableShade 10 Year Warranty also includes the durability and function of the

‘included components’ (meaning those items/components CableShade sent with, included with,

the CableShade order for assembly)—that the components do not rust or break or fail to

function as reasonably intent of its purpose. These components include: stainless steel cables

and cable- clamps (wire rope clips); stainless steel turnbuckles; stainless steel eyelets;

stainless steel eyelet lags and eye-bolts/nuts; stainless steel ‘nose hook’ on each Shade;

stainless steel carabineer clips for fastening. Other items not herein listed which the customer

may need for final assembly/installation are not included in this warranty – only those items

included in original CableShade order and initial delivery of such order.

Shipping Concerns and Processing of Warranty Claim: If the CableShade order is

damaged upon receipt of shipment from CableShade (UPS or otherwise-related shipping

damage), CableShade will cover the shipping return costs, re- manufacture or repair costs, and

re-delivery costs. However, the customer is required to ‘refuse’ the shipment as ‘damaged’ –

OR, to supply CableShade pictures of the ‘unopened’ box/container shipping damage AND the

opened inside of box/container ‘product damage’ on the day of delivery. In other words,

CableShade needs to see evidence that the damage was caused by the Shipping agent, not a

cause ‘after’ the delivery had been accepted by customer. Often it is that a customer will use a

sharp object to open a box or to unwrap, and accidently damage the contents—circumstance

such as this is ‘not’ covered by CableShade Warranty.

• Note: If there is reason for a Warranty claim AFTER the initial day of delivery (a Claim as

per this CableShade expressed Warranty), the customer shall cover the packing and

shipping costs to CableShade. CableShade shall replace or repair at no additional cost to

customer, and cover the return shipping costs.

• Note: All Warranty Claims must have pictures of the issue that are sent to CableShade

for written or emailed approval of action to be taken before time and expense of repackaging

and shipping back to CableShade.


What is NOT Covered:

1. Warranty does not cover Installation or installation issues ‘unless’ installation is provided

for or done by CableShade.

2. Warranty does not cover excessive storm damage, or other acts of God damage such as

earthquake, hail, hurricane, lightening, tree/branch-falling damage, snow, or damage caused by

heat or fire-related damage, or damage by anyone caused by (for instance) blunt forced

object or sharp object mishap.

3. Warranty does not cover if it is determined the customer or the Installer (if other than

CableShade installer) torqued the cables or any of the components too tightly – causing

the cable to shred/break or the threads of stainless components to strip. As per supplied

instructions, all tensions are to be ‘hand-tight’ not torqued beyond ‘hand-tight.’ If, for

instance, the Installer caused the cable to unravel during installation (at the 90 degree

corner eyelet mounts) and that cable breaks, this, then, is not a Warrantable occurrence.

4. Warranty does not cover if it is determined the customer or the Installer (if other than

CableShade installer) modified any of the CableShades’ composition or workmanship.

5. Warranty does not cover any portion or part of the frame/pergola, house-connections,


6. All Warranties of CableShade or of fabric manufacturer—applies only to original

purchaser and is not transferable to a successive party – unless the initial purchaser

placed the CableShade order FOR the 2nd party (such as a retailer or contractor,

purchasing for a client/customer). The owner of the site where the CableShades are

initially installed are considered herein “the original owner/purchaser”.

7. Warranty does not cover damage caused by the customer or customers’ arranged

installer--such as scratches or tears caused by dragging the shades, or a slip of a tool

or other damaging object before, during, or after the installation. This includes any spills

of a damaging liquid or other permanent-staining agent such as oils, inks from a marker,


Reiteration and Summary Warranty does not include wear and tear of shades hitting against

any part of your home or frame. Warranty does not cover the integrity of the installation nor the

frame/pergola -- unless installer is a CableShade arranged installer who ‘built’ the

frame/pergola/mounting points. Warranty does not cover damage from an excessive storm or

other “acts of god” circumstances.

No other Warranty or Claim is expressed or implied other than herein noted.

How to process a Warranty Claim Call or text Heather Ecton 

at 210-695-0370 Or Email to:

Each claim must be pre-approved by CableShade before any action taken. CableShade

requires legible pictures to be emailed to CableShade of the defect. In any such case of need

for repair or replacement, the customer would need to send the item to CableShade at

customer’s expense. CableShade will repair or replace as needed at no charge and send the

Warrantied item back to you at no additional charge.

Your purchase is appreciated,

Heather Ecton (Owner)

Cable Shades of Texas


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