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residential cable shades


A convenient retractable fabric canopy for your pergola, deck, patio or outdoor living space.  Added onto an existing pergola, our versatile cable shades can easily be added either between the arbors, OR under the arbors.  A decorative pergola can be a great addition to any backyard patio or deck.  However, quite often customers discover that the pergola alone does not provide adequate shade from the hot summer sun.  Our decorative fabric cable shades not only provide the necessary shade coverage, but can also be a beautiful addition to accent your backyard living space. 


What sets us apart from other awning companies?

~NO expensive motors or cranks  
~Our shades tolerate very high winds 
~Easily retract in SECONDS
~Easy self locking system
~No sewn joints, no stitching
~Stainless steel components
~No roll up ensures longer lasting fabric
~NO maintenace required 
~LOCALLY owned and operated

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