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Commercial Cable Shades


Our custom retractable canopies are perfect for outdoor restaurant settings, hotels, or any other large commercial project. While adding a touch of elegance, our custom shades will significantly improve your customer’s outdoor experience. 

What sets us apart from other awning companies?

~NO expensive motors or cranks  
~Our shades tolerate very high winds 
~Easily retract in SECONDS
~Easy self locking system
~No sewn joints, no stitching
~Stainless steel components
~No roll up ensures longer lasting fabric
~NO maintenace required 
~LOCALLY owned and operated


Firesist goes above and beyond meeting critical industry standards for fire retardant performance. This lightweight performance fabric is constructed with special coatings and finishes to protect against exposure, maximizing water, residue and sun resistance. Firesist’s deep, rich colorways deliver lasting appeal to any shade application.

Fabric Gallery

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